Sometimes you have to wait until something comes along and gives you the right push. I'd all but given up on defeating the beast, but you were the push I needed.


Atticus is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who assisted Tulip in finding the door to the next room of the Infinity Train. He is king of Corgidia and united the Cardigans and Pembrokes. After leading Tulip to the door, Atticus assisted in fighting the Steward and was flung towards a wall but was ultimately unharmed.


Atticus has the appearance of a typical Cardigan Welsh Corgi, having short stubby legs, a long body, erect ears, and a bushy tail. Atticus' fur is primarily golden yellow with white fur that starts at his muzzle and spreads throughout the underside of his body. White fur also "sock" his front and back legs. On top of his head is a gray crown with a red dome that has a single red gem in the middle facing the front.


Atticus has an air of regality and nobility around him, befitting his title of Corgi King. He cares deeply for his people, shown where he alone, of the corgis, was willing to tackle the "shadow monster" with the aid of Tulip and One-One. Though kingly, he is still a dog and often times it shows. Their entire civilization was built around them being canine. Atticus will squirm and get antsy when carried, excusing the behavior as them being a "proud race." The pride he boasts is apparent when he tackles a problem. He literally tackles the problem head on, usually with reckless abandon.



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Owen's drawing of his corgi that inspired the creation of Atticus.

Atticus first met Tulip in one of the train cars where Atticus and his people live. Tulip helped Atticus to kill the 'beast' which was a spider that was later eaten by Atticus. After that, it is revealed that the Steward is the actual beast. Atticus gets hit by the Steward, and Tulip is worried, which may represent their friendship. The Steward then escapes, and mysteriously Tulip's hand number changes from 53 to 49.

People of Corgidia

As the king of Corgidia, he cares for his people. He is willing to take on problems alone to ensure the safety of his people. He united the two different breeds of Corgis, the Cardigan Welsh Corgis and the Pembroke Welsh Corgis.


  • Owen created Atticus when he asked his girlfriend what to draw, to which she replied "how about a corgi?"[1]
    • The drawing itself was inspired by his own Corgi when he was young, and it has been stated that he was one of the inspirations for the story.


For the main gallery, see Atticus/Gallery


  1. Is there going to be more Infinity Train?

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