• Birdbrah


    February 11, 2017 by Birdbrah

    Remember infinity trains pilot will be aired tomorrow (depending on when you see this) on 6AM if you want to support the show then please watch the pilot when it comes on! Ok bye let's hope it gets greenlighted

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  • HoneyCandiez


    December 29, 2016 by HoneyCandiez

    Hello! I have been considering adopting this wiki. I plan to add additional admins based on who is active.

    Please feel free to discuss this with me on my message wall!

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  • Lexam Reconlaf

    Glad-1: what does that number mean miss Tulip Tulip: I've been trapped on this train for a week, you've been here your whole life I should be asking you. Sad-1: In that case it will remain a endless search devoid of all meaning. Hello, it's Lexam again, I've just thrown out all my previous work on 1-1 because I think I may have figured out who he is. Now it is important to note as per the quote there would be no way for me to make any theories without a meaning behind “that number” so as a disclaimer for the rest of this theory, I am crafting this theory under the assumption that my Route Number theory is in fact accurate. As such it is on shaky ground, but without that assumption I can't make anything comprehensive. If you haven't read th…

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  • TulipUniverseX53

    Every adventure time fan will remember dungeon train. The episode where Finn and jake travel through a train that never stops, fighting monsters. But when looking back at the episode, I realized it was a lot like infinity train. Knowing that the creator has worked with other Cartoon Network show, maybe he was influenced by AT to create his minisode.Below I will put some photo to help show you.

    Please comment your thoughts on this. do you think he was inspired by AT?

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  • TulipUniverseX53

    Infinity Train is: the light Cartoon Network needs.Hi! It's TulipUniverseX53, I believe this because it is a unique, one of a kind show with so much potential. Some of Cartoon Networks only good shows are coming to an end sadly.This showing beyond our time. We need a new creative, mysterious, brilliant show like this to keep Cartoon Network from falling into its Dark Age. Sign petitions, write online, post to social media, whatever you need to prove to Cartoon Network we have a voice.

    -Just one last thing, if you don't agree with me please don't start a fight in the comments, we all have our own freedom of speech.


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  • Lexam Reconlaf

    Hi I'm Lexam, and even though I'm not super good at this, I want to try my hand at theorizeing. I figure most theories are wrong so my awfulness won't stand out too much. 

    So what's the deal with the hand number? It must have some meaning after all numbers are quantatative they represent things. From what I've seen online the current theories are  A) it's a ranking system, B) It's the amount of people left alive on the train, C) Seat number, D) Infractions.

    Addressing these things in order

    A) There hasn't been any cause for Tulip to jump four places. The idea would be that her interaction with the Steward caused the shift. However I would question how this ranking proceedure works. She didn't defeat the Stewart, it ran away on it's own after …

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  • HoneyCandiez

    PNG Voting

    November 8, 2016 by HoneyCandiez

    A few PNGs ahve been made for the Wiki! Here you can vote for which you like to be used in the infoboxes!

    Version 1 > < Version 2

    I think we should give people time the vote, so how long should we keep it up? A week?

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  • 0EridanAmpora0

    The Infiniy Train may be a representation of Tulip´s mind, thats why she cant escape.

    Think of it, One-One may represent two of her main emotions. She is depressed/sad becuase she cant leave the train, or bad thoughts in her mind, if we think of the train as her mind, and she is sometimes happy becuase she gets news about the train or the number. 

    The dogs, and Atticus, may represent, that maybe, Tulip has a love for animals. Specially dogs.

    The spider may represent that she first thought of spiders as monsters, but then she learnt more about them and didnt care.

    The Steward may be one of her inner demons.

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