Corgidia is a Corgi-inhabited train car featured in the Pilot following the Fart Car. It is an extremely expansive car, with an impossibly small exterior.



A Food Dispenser, shown in the pilot.

It is populated by Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who are ruled and united by Atticus. According to Tulip, there are food dispensers (as shown in the background) and cattle to herd. An activity mentioned and shown in the pilot is sunbathing, and belly-rub machines are also mentioned. The "shadow monster" broke the water pipe, causing the water level to rise. This, according to Atticus, happened a week prior to the events of the pilot.


Pilot picture

The other end of the car.

Corgidia is a lush landscape of meadows, with little foliage, and a river flowing through it. A village the corgis inhabit is located near the entrance to the car, consisting of buildings reminiscent of ancient Greek. The weather appears sunny and slightly clouded, even with no visible light source or open sky.

A mountainscape opens up behind the river, slightly more overgrown and wild. Prior to the beginning of the show, an unknown object crashed into the left side of the train, near the end of the car, leaving behind a crater and exposing the machinery, as well as a large impact hole in the wall of the car.