I must warn you, however, we corgis are proud people, and we hate being picked up.

—Atticus warning Tulip about the difficulty of picking up corgis, as she must do so.
Corgi Car

Corgis are a small type of herding dog that inhabit Corginia. Two breeds are recognized: the Pembrokes and the Cardigans. The two species were at war until Atticus united them and became ruler of Corginia. Just like Atticus, all the corgis in Corginia are able to talk.[1]

Notable Corgis

  • Atticus: He is the king of Corginia.
  • Messenger Corgi: This Pembroke Welsh Corgi was briefly seen in the pilot to warn Atticus that a shadow monster (later revealed to be a spider) was coming. He was voiced by Owen Dennis.