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Infinity Train is a series created by Owen Dennis about a young girl named Tulip and her robotic sidekick One-One, traversing through a seemingly infinite train with unlimited possibilities in order to find their way home.

The Pilot episode was first shown on November 2, 2016. There are currently no confirmed plans to create anything more from the presented pilot.

On February 11, 2017, Cartoon Network aired the pilot on television.[1]


Infinity Train was first imagined by Dennis in 2010 while riding a plane home to the United States from China. Initially, he wondered what would happen should a girl be trapped on a plane, but eventually discarded the idea, stating "there wasn't really a lot to explore if [the setting] is a plane."[2]

He later changed the setting to a train.[2] According to Dennis, not much else about Infinity Train's origin can be revealed due to it containing heavy spoilers for the series itself.[2]

Upon the initial pitch of the series, Cartoon Network executives feared that the series was too similar to Over the Garden Wall, then referred to as Tome of the Unknown.[3]

Eventually, the two shows were deemed different enough, and Dennis received permission to create a pilot. The initial concept did receive edits and changes when Dennis viewed the completed version of Over the Garden Wall, however.[3]

Additionally, Dennis often held other fears about Infinity Train's similarities to other media when it was first created, citing films Snowpiercer and Galaxy Express 999 that came out later in the year.

Within the network itself, fellow Cartoon Network storyboard artist Cole Sanchez told Dennis that Adventure Time had created an episode featuring a train with infinity symbols on it, which caused Dennis's "stomach to turn".[3]

He eventually overcame these fears, stating "There are certain ideas just... sitting there, plucked up by anyone who feels like they wanna do something with it. The most you can do is just keep making the thing you’re trying to make with the voice you want to make it in."[3]


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