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This article is about the train. Did you mean the Pilot, or the series itself?

The Infinity Train is the main setting of the series of the same name.


While it appears as a regular train on the outside, it is actually of infinite length. Inside of its many boxcars, practically anything conceivable can be found, whether it be puzzles, objects, or even entire worlds. According to Owen Dennis, it is around 5 stories tall.[1]


In the Pilot, the train is seen traveling through an unknown desert. It is revealed that Tulip has already spent a full week on the Infinity Train, but the events leading to her boarding are unknown.

Train Cars

These are cars that are attached to the train and have been shown/mentioned in the show.

Known Cars

Possible/Unknown Cars

Cars that were not shown to be real but were mentioned and/or suggested in the show. Due to the seemingly infinite nature of the Infinity Train, the following cars may exist, no matter the unlikeliness:

  • Burp Car – Made up by One-One in the Pilot.
  • Pizzaria Car – Made up by Tulip in the Pilot.
  • 5 Unknown Cars – Mentioned by Tulip in the Pilot, One-One speculated all of them to be the fart car.



The proposed ouroboros-infinity insignia of the train.

  • In the early art of drawing the train, each car was supposed to be stamped with the train's insignia but was removed in the Pilot. The symbol was an Ouroboros fashioned into the infinity symbol with a waning gibbous moon above it (the moon is red and the shadow on it is black; inversely, it could also be a waxing crescent).
    • The infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol used to show the concept of infinity. The Ouroboros (a snake/serpent eating its own tail; usually drawn as a circle) is an ancient symbol used to depict continuity, cycles, and infinity.


  1. Why doesn't tulip just jump off The train before going through a door?

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