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All Aboard The Infinity Train!

Welcome to the Infinity Train Wiki! In case you couldn't tell (somehow), this wiki was made for the Cartoon Network pilot (and hopefully an eventual TV show) Infinity Train! Feel free to post or edit anything if you've got something to add to what little info exists about, well, anything!

What Is Infinity Train?

Infinity Train is a pilot or minisode for Cartoon Network created by Owen Dennis about a young girl named Tulip and her robotic sidekick One-One, traversing through a seemingly infinite train with unlimited possibilities in order to find their way home.

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The logo that appears at the beginning of the pilot.


A picture of Tulip and her glowing number on her hand, showing the date of when the Pilot was uploaded on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel.

Owen Dennis' Twitter

Owen Dennis' Tumblr

YouTube Pilot

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