This is a list of all of the visible locations throughout the Infinity Train series.

Unknown Desert

Unknown Desert

An unknown dessert.

The Unknown Desert is the landscape on which the Infinity Train travels, but very little is known about it.

The desert is wide and barren, only a few black trees without their leaves can be seen growing out of it. The ground is cracked open and rocky. It is colored orange and red and a train track is built through it. In the distance, purple mountains can be seen, and the sky is variations of black, red, and yellow.

Infinity Train

Train beginning

The exterior of the train.

The Infinity Train is the main setting of the series of the same name.

While it appears as a regular train on the outside, it is actually of infinite length. Inside of its many boxcars, practically anything conceivable can be found, whether it be puzzles, objects, or even entire worlds. According to Owen Dennis, it is around 5 stories tall.

In the Pilot, the train is seen traveling through an unknown desert. It is revealed that Tulip has already spent a full week on the Infinity Train, but the events leading to her boarding are unknown.

Bubble Car

The Bubble Car is a train car that is seen briefly in the Pilot. It is preceded by the Chess Car.

Due to only appearing for a few moments, not much is known about this car. It appears completely empty, apart from dozens of pink bubbles floating inside it.

Chess Car

The Chess Car is a train car that is seen briefly in the Pilotfollowing the Bubble Car and being preceded by the Puzzle Car.

  • Two white and black pawns
  • One white and black bishops
  • One black knight
  • One black rook
  • One white queen
  • One unknown piece with a black base and white tip

Puzzle Car

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The inside of the puzzle car.

The Puzzle Car is a small train car featured in the Pilot following the Chess Car, and being preceded by the Fart Car.

The car entirely consists of a small room, which appears to be nearly empty, apart from a few puzzles. It appears in the Pilot, where One-One is unable to solve the scale puzzle. Tulip solves it very quickly, however. The scale activates a mechanism, that connects to pieces of a bridge together, and then drops a cube onto it, which then falls into a small compartment that opens up the door to the next car. A switch on the wall and white tiles on the floor suggest that several other puzzles had to be completed in the room as well.

Fart Car

Fart car

The inside of the fart car.

The Fart Car is another train car featured in the Pilot following the Puzzle Car, and being preceded by Corginia.

The inside of the car is a room with white walls, a white floor, and a white ceiling. The floor is shiny enough to show Tulip's reflection. This room is entirely empty, apart from farts that are seemingly created out of nowhere.

In the pilot, Tulip dashes out of the car, and exclaims "Why does that exist?"


Corgi Car

The inside of Corginia.

Corginia is a Corgi-inhabited train car featured in the Pilotfollowing the Fart Car. It is an extremely expansive car, with an impossibly small exterior.

It is populated by Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who are ruled and united by Atticus. According to Tulip, there are food dispensers (as shown in the background) and cattle to herd. An activity mentioned and shown in the pilot is sunbathing, with specific sunbeams scattered throughout the car (as Atticus pointed out). Belly-rub machines are also mentioned. A week prior to the events of the pilot, a so-called "shadow monster" broke the water pipe, causing the water level to rise, as well as destroy some of their mechanisms (specifically the belly-rub machines).