Return to your seat!

β€”The Steward, as a demand towards Tulip.

The Steward[1] is one of the proposed antagonists of Infinity Train who appeared in the Infinity Train Cartoon Network pilot.


The Steward, as evident from its name, is presumably the one responsible for ensuring that those aboard the Infinity Train remain in their designated train car. According to Atticus, it has been in Corginia's train car for a week. This is the same amount of time Tulip has been aboard the train, and the same amount of time Tulip has had her number. Also, when One-One first attempts to greet the Steward, Tulip and the group are immediately fired upon by the Steward's machine guns, which come from the eye slits in its mask. Since One-One and Tulip do not originate from Corginia's train car, the Steward's instruction to "Return to your seat" was probably an instruction for Tulip to return to her home car. When she snags Tulip's ankle, the bag is thrown and One-One pops out asking if they should write her obituary, and the Steward immediately stops and flees out of the hole in the car. The reason is unclear, as One-One doesn't appear to know her.


Due to its morphology, the Steward has extreme versatility in movement and in combat. Its cables allow it to have massive reach and long strides. The cables, though thin, pack a powerful punch, being able to flick Atticus to the side without effort. It can also use it to entangle opponents, as seen when it coiled around Tulip's ankle to prevent her from escaping. Each of the cables are tipped with three blade-like claws at the end. The Steward can also shoot bullets from barrels it can produce from behind its mask that protrudes through the eyes.



The Steward is an enigmatic robotic "creature" composed primarily of a white mask that has multiple tentacle-like cables that extend from it, with each ending in a three tipped claw. The mask is primarily white and resembles the face of a human with gray lips. Its mechanized nature becomes more apparent when the mask is removed, as behind it is an inner working of gears and a flame producing tube, akin to a flamethrower. It produces neon blue flames that seep out through the eyes of the mask. It has also been seen to produce barrels that shoot out bullets from its eyes.


  • It has the same voice actress as Tulip.
  • A steward/stewardess is a person that oversees the passengers of a given locomotive craft.


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  1. ↑ This is awesome! She’s called the Steward, but I like the way you think.