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  • TulipUniverseX53

    Every adventure time fan will remember dungeon train. The episode where Finn and jake travel through a train that never stops, fighting monsters. But when looking back at the episode, I realized it was a lot like infinity train. Knowing that the creator has worked with other Cartoon Network show, maybe he was influenced by AT to create his minisode.Below I will put some photo to help show you.

    Please comment your thoughts on this. do you think he was inspired by AT?

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  • TulipUniverseX53

    Infinity Train is: the light Cartoon Network needs.Hi! It's TulipUniverseX53, I believe this because it is a unique, one of a kind show with so much potential. Some of Cartoon Networks only good shows are coming to an end sadly.This showing beyond our time. We need a new creative, mysterious, brilliant show like this to keep Cartoon Network from falling into its Dark Age. Sign petitions, write online, post to social media, whatever you need to prove to Cartoon Network we have a voice.

    -Just one last thing, if you don't agree with me please don't start a fight in the comments, we all have our own freedom of speech.


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